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KER Focus

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KER Conference Attracts Guests from Around the World

KER Conference Attracts Guests from Around the World

Earlier this week, partner feed manufacturers and dealers from around the world attended this year’s Kentucky Equine Research (KER) conference, held near Sydney, Australia.


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foal nursing

High-Quality Milk Essential for Foals

Lactating mares provide the sole source of nutrition for newborn foals, which requires significant nutrient consumption. How do mares do it?

KER Research

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OCD in weanlings

How Can Dietary Changes Minimize Skeletal Disease in Young Horses?

The purpose of this study was to evaluate if there is a relationship between a glycemic response test and the incidence of osteochodritis dissecans (OCD) in Thoroughbred weanlings, and to determine if this test would be useful in identifying factors that may predispose young growing horses to OCD.


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respiratory health in horses

Airway Disease in Sedentary, Asymptomatic Horses

To determine if common diagnostic tests are related to lung function, researchers recently studied a group of sedentary, asymptomatic horses.

General Interest

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horse itching

Ditch the Itch: Saving Your Horse's Skin

Few horses are immune to the occasional itch, but some horses are prone to severe itching and subsequent scratching. Therefore, avoidance techniques and environmental management are important.