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Sponsored Eventers Compete at Rolex

Sponsored Eventers Compete at Rolex

KER-sponsored eventers Buck Davidson and Liz Halliday-Sharp competed at the 2016 Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, the only four-star event in the United States.


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horse eating grain from a tub

Does Your Horse's Diet Need an Overhaul?

Have you embraced the scientific-based recommendations made by today’s equine nutritionists? Is a dietary overhaul in your horse’s future? Let’s find out!

KER Research

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feeding fat

What Are the Effects of Feeding a High-Fat Diet to Horses?

A study was designed to evaluate whether adding fat to a grain meal would affect glucose and insulin responses when the level of grain intake remained the same.


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cross-country horse

Antioxidant Supplementation in Performance Horses

According to a recent study*, owners of competitive eventing horses give an average of two nutritional supplements a day, but some gave as many as a dozen.

General Interest

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pregnant mare on pasture

Gestational Diabetes in Mares: What's the Skinny?

A small handful of studies suggest that pregnant mares develop signs similar to gestational diabetes mellitus (GDM) in women.