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KER Sponsors Kentucky Reining Cup

KER Sponsors Kentucky Reining Cup

KER is sponsoring the Kentucky Reining Cup, to be held April 25 through 27 at the Kentucky Horse Park, in conjunction with the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event.


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body condition scoring

Understanding Weight Loss and Diet in Mature Horses

Mature horses that begin to lose weight on an unchanging diet are a puzzle for their owners. It’s not always easy to find the cause of weight loss and correct the problem.

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high-speed treadmill

Feeding Horses Before Exercise: What to Feed and When?

Three experiments were conducted to evaluate if feeding hay with and without grain affects glycemic response and hematological responses in Thoroughbred horses at rest and during a simulated competition exercise.


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respiratory disease

Heaves and Other Breathing Problems in Horses

Minor degrees of airway inflammation and small increases in mucus production quickly take their toll on horses, and every effort must be made to keep respiratory disease at bay.

General Interest

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Thoroughbred racing fatalities

Fatality Rate for Thoroughbred Racehorses

The Equine Injury Database has reviewed records of more than 1.8 million racing starts and has determined the number of Thoroughbreds that are injured in a race and subsequently die or are euthanized within 72 hours after the race.