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KER Focus

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Sponsored Eventers Compete at Ocala Winter II

Sponsored Eventers Compete at Ocala Winter II

KER-sponsored riders Buck Davidson and Liz Halliday-Sharp recently competed at the Ocala Winter II Horse Trials in Florida.


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Thoroughbred stallion

Antioxidants and Cooled Stallion Semen Quality

One proposed hypothesis explains that poor semen quality following cooling involves the production of high levels of free radicals that damage sperm cell membranes. With this in mind, several research groups attempted to add antioxidants to collected semen samples as protection from free radical damage.

KER Research

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Thoroughbred skeletal adaptations

What Happens to the Skeleton During Early Training of Racehorses?

To explore the skeletal adaptations involved in early race training, bone density and morphometry were tracked in 15 Thoroughbred yearlings as they began training at a facility where turnout paddocks were available.


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horse hoof check

Pasture and Endocrine-Related Laminitis in Horses

A recent study identified laminitis cases, then retrospectively traced them back to determine risk factors for the development of the disease.

General Interest

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horse itching

Fighting Allergies in Horses: Therapeutic Proteins

Allergy treatments for horses vary depending on the underlying cause, severity, and owner preference. A group of researchers recently tested a more novel method of reducing allergic sensitivity.