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Nicholson Wins Third Barbury Horse Trials

Nicholson Wins Third Barbury Horse Trials

Andrew Nicholson claimed first place at the 2014 Barbury International Three-Star Horse Trials. He trains in Ireland and uses feed products manufactured by Bluegrass Horse Feeds, a Team Member of Kentucky Equine Research.


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Dietary Management to Prevent Horse Bladder Stones

Because equine urine normally has a basic pH (more alkaline than acidic with pH greater than 7) and is high in minerals, some horses are at risk of developing stones in their bladders, called uroliths, especially if their diet is high in minerals.

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fat supplementation

Are There Advantages to Feeding High-Fat Diets to Racehorses?

A study to evaluate the long-term effects of feeding a fat supplemented diet during medium intensity aerobic training was conducted over seven months using 12 two-year-old Thoroughbreds.


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depressed, sick horse

Thyroid and Parathyroid Disorders in Horses

An overly active thyroid gland can be the result of a tumor, and signs may include weight loss, hyperactivity, and enlargement of one lobe of the thyroid gland

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older horse

Senior Horse Challenge Addresses Management of Older Equines

Equine Guelph has designed an interactive Senior Horse Challenge to help owners of older horses. Questions, pictures, and videos are used to teach important information relevant to the care of older horses.