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KER at Rolex Kentucky 2017

KER at Rolex Kentucky 2017

Among the events, performances, and vendors of the Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event, you can find Kentucky Equine Research (KER) on site.


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horse in field with hay

Overweight Horses: How Much Hay Is Too Little?

When it comes to overweight horses and hay, horse owners know too much is not helpful, but how much is too little?

KER Research

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What Is the Effect of Early Weaning on Young Horse Development?

The purpose of this study was to compare the growth and development of Thoroughbred foals raised under four different management systems.


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senior horse

Old Horses and Gastrointestinal Disease

Horses in their mid-teens and older are more likely to die of gastrointestinal disease than any other cause, according to a report from researchers.

General Interest

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horse sleeping

Sleep Requirements of Horses

In horses managed in herd situations, a variety of factors impact which horses lie down and for how long, potentially limiting the availability of the much-needed shut-eye.