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  • Q:

    I have a five-month-old Standardbred weanling filly with an osteochondritis dissecans (OCD) lesion of the stifle. My vet recommended feeding a forage-only diet (grass hay) for eight weeks. She’s a big, strong, growthy filly that is about 375 lb (170 kg). Is All-Phase appropriate for her? If so, could you recommend an appropriate intake for her?

  • A:

    Moderating energy intake to ensure caloric requirements are met, but without overconsumption, is one step in helping young horses with OCD. In doing this, though, it is important that young horses also receive all of the protein, vitamins, and minerals required for healthy growth.

    All-Phase is an appropriate feed for young horses that require energy-restricted diets but still need complete nutrition. All-Phase is a concentrated source of protein, vitamins, and minerals, formulated to be fed at 1-3 lb (0.45-1.4 kg) per day depending on the horse’s life stage.

    All-Phase can replace some or all of the concentrate in growing-horse diets in an effort to reduce rapid growth due to excess dietary energy. An estimated intake for your filly would be 2-2.5 lb (0.9-1.1 kg) per day depending on the quality and amount of grass hay being provided.

    Kentucky Equine Research (KER) developed two bone-health supplements that may be useful in this situation, DuraPlex and Triacton.

    For horses on restricted turnout or stall rest due to injury or other management practices, DuraPlex is our go-to product for supporting optimal bone development during this time period. Studies at KER have shown DuraPlex prevents the natural bone demineralization observed during prolonged confinement.

    Triacton is a research-proven supplement for horses that are not confined but may benefit from bone-building nutrients beyond those found in a fortified feed. Recent studies at KER have shown Triacton helps improve bone density in young, growing horses and athletic horses, which is especially important for those involved in intense training. Triacton also provides digestive-health support due to its high buffering capacity in the stomach and hindgut.

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