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The Best of 2016: Your Favorite Equinews ArticlesBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · December 27, 2016

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) publishes equine nutrition articles on Equinews almost every day of the year. Which five articles from 2016 were most popular with readers? Enjoy the rankings below:

5. Effects of Soaking Hay for Horses

A traditional way of reducing dust in hay involves soaking it, and this is an especially useful management tool for horses with respiratory sensitivity or breathing problems. However, soaking hay is difficult and not always a practical recommendation for horse owners. Would soaking hay benefit your horse?

4. Guess the Weight of These Horses

Knowing your horse’s weight is important, not only from a nutritional standpoint, but also from a health and welfare perspective. Fine-tune your weight-guessing skills by determining how much each of these horses weighs. Ready, set, go!

3. Alfalfa for Horses: Know When to Pass on This Forage

When grown, cured, and baled with care, alfalfa hay proves appropriate for many classes of horses. Management situations arise, however, that preclude the use of alfalfa for certain horses. Is alfalfa suited for your horse?

2. Feeding Oil to Horses: Choose Wisely

When it comes to oil for horses, owners are faced with shelves upon shelves of choices. Which is the best choice? Read more to find out.

1. Confinement Weakens Bones in Horses

If a horse spends most of its life in a confined space, its bones may pay the price. For maximal skeletal resiliency, allow horses daily exercise, be it in a tailored training setting or just cruising in a pasture with friends. If this is not option, such as when a horse is on stall rest, supplements can help combat the effects. Learn more.

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