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Beyond Biotin: KERx Hoof SupplementBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 12, 2015

Biotin helps in the colossal gastrointestinal undertaking that converts feedstuffs to energy so horses grow and perform to their genetic potential. Most horsemen know biotin as the vitamin that can strengthen the fragile, flawed hooves of certain horses while simultaneously boosting coat condition.

Bio•Bloom PS contains all of the ingredients necessary to improve and support hoof growth, including the development of resilient hoof wall. The specific ingredient blend in Bio•Bloom PS promotes health of hooves damaged by laminitis, seedy toe, sand cracks, and wet-dry cycles.

“I trust Bio•Bloom PS to give my horses eye-catching, glowing coats and healthy, sound hooves for a competitive advantage,” said Karen O’Connor, multiple Olympic three-day-eventing medalist.

Research focusing on biotin supplementation as a means of improving hoof quality started in the mid-1980s. Studies have shown that many horses benefit from biotin supplementation, displaying improved hoof quality and accelerated hoof growth. A daily dose of 20 mg of biotin has produced optimal results, and giving more per day has yielded no additional benefits.

Hoof tissues respond to other nutrients, including the amino acid methionine and the minerals iodine and zinc, all important elements in hoof growth.

Likewise, coats respond to essential amino acids and fatty acids, as hair and hooves are made from similar cellular components.

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