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Bluman Competes in Five-Star Jumping By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · May 18, 2015

Facing a course of 21 show-jumping fences at the five-star level, Daniel Bluman knew that he and his horse would have to be at their best at the Jumping International de France CSIO5* de La Baule Derby. At this level of competition, every stride must be planned so that the horse can meet each obstacle correctly on the tight, twisting course. A jumping horse needs plenty of energy but must also cooperate with his rider’s cues, willingly adjusting his stride and speed when the rider asks.

Daniel, who is sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research (KER), uses feeds that support this cooperation between horse and rider. E-Clipse, a feed in the KER Sport Horse Nutrition line,   provides energy from a balance of easily digested sources including cereal grains, vegetable oil, and super fibers. Advanced antioxidant technology is available through the inclusion of natural-source vitamin E.

Another feed from this line, Ovation, delivers the necessary levels of fat and complex carbohydrates for optimal sport horse performance. This pelleted feed is formulated with unique KER ingredient technologies to produce a palatable formulation designed for sport horses requiring balanced energy for maximum performance during competition and efficient muscle recovery afterwards.

Riding Cantando, Daniel finished in tenth place in the French competition, which represented the highest level in international show jumping competition. On his Facebook page, he commented, “Very happy with our 10th place! 21 fences! What an effort!”

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