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Chester Weber, International Driving Champion, Praises Nano-EBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 13, 2014

Pleasure driving can mean just a leisurely jog around the field in a pony cart, but on the international level where Chester Weber competes, driving requires skill, stamina, and a high level of energy from horses as well as their handlers.

One way Weber ensures that his four-in-hand Warmblood horses will be ready for intense exercise is the use of Nano-E, an antioxidant product specially formulated by Kentucky Equine Research to provide natural-source vitamin E in a highly bioavailable form. Vitamin E is vital to proper functioning of the horse’s immune, cardiovascular, circulatory, and neuromuscular systems. 

Chester Weber says, “We use Nano-E on horses when they’re travelling because of the antioxidant benefits. It allows the horses to stay at the top of their game. If we feel like a horse is not really at the top of its game, we’ll use Nano-E to get them healthy and fit again. Sometimes when we’re taking long trips and have 16 or 20 hours on the road, we’ll use Nano-E on all the horses to ensure that they are in tip-top shape when they arrive.”


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