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Chester Weber Relies on KER's Nutrition TeamBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · April 30, 2015

Chester Weber has been named national champion four-in-hand driver every year for the last decade, so he knows the importance of preparation, training, and conditioning his team of Warmblood geldings. Weber realized that excellent nutrition is at the root of equine well-being, and he puts his trust in the advice he gets from the professionals at Kentucky Equine Research (KER).

“Our team relies on Joe Pagan and his team of nutritionists, whether we’re in Aachen, Germany, far away from here, or we’re near their home in Kentucky. With their fantastic research, they have committed themselves to putting the horse first,” said Weber.

Weber’s program is based on the fundamentals of sound horsemanship and doing what’s right for his horses, which is another reason he’s relied upon KER over the years. “I am passionate about doing the best for my horses so they show up for us and for our team. Having a team member like KER on our side is really invaluable because the stress and the worry of staying at the top of equine nutrition disappears. I trust the experts at KER.”

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