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Colic caused by PersimmonsBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 15, 2010


An article in Equine Veterinary Education warns horse owners that horses eating ripe persimmons may develop bezoars (hardened concretions) made up of persimmon fibers. These masses can cause irritation if they disrupt or block the flow of ingested material in the digestive tract.


Severe discomfort may not be noticed until several months after ingestion of persimmons, so if horses with access to persimmons develop colic signs at any time, owners need to mention this possibility to an attending veterinarian.


The article also mentions that administration of a carbonated cola drink via nasogastric tube has been shown to help dissolve bezoars in both horses and humans. Kentucky Equine Research advocates veterinary consultation to diagnose and treat signs of abdominal discomfort in horses.

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