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Customer Spotlight: EquiShure Helps With Loss of AppetiteBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 3, 2017

Hilary Markey recently asked for advice from Kentucky Equine Research (KER) experts regarding her older horse that was experiencing health problems.

Her gelding developed a loss of appetite and also seemed to be showing signs of laminitis. After consulting with her vet, she changed his diet to reduce his intake of grain and alfalfa. Further research led her to KER’s EquiShure® hindgut buffer.

“It made a lot of sense that his appetite might be off if he was uncomfortable every time he ate,” she explained. “I introduced EquiShure to his diet over a year ago and his appetite is great again. Much to his happiness, I have been able to increase his rations again.”

Markey also utilized EquiShure with another horse displaying anxious behavior.

“Both horses are doing really well now, eating better and much more relaxed.” She added, “I would not go without this product in my tack shed. If I had to pick just one supplement, this would be it!”

Wondering which supplement is right for your horse? Simply answer a few questions and a KER nutrition advisor will be in touch.

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