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Davidson Collects Ribbons at Maryland Horse TrialsBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 17, 2014

When your business is training and showing world-class event horses, not every outing is an Olympic-level competition. Sometimes you’re introducing young horses to the discipline, or moving a promising horse up to a more challenging level, or reinforcing a particular bit of training on something that’s been difficult for an equine athlete. Each cross-country course asks a unique set of questions for horses to sort out, with the competent rider always training as the ride takes place. At the end of the day, if each horse has given a good effort and learned something, it’s a win for all concerned, regardless of the final placings.

Buck Davidson rode a number of horses in the Maryland Horse Trials, finishing in second place on two of them—Copper Beech and Quasar in different Open Preliminary divisions—and collecting seventh honors with No Remorse as well as placing tenth with Be Mine and Bounce Pass. These horses are all competing at a demanding level, but some are less experienced and are still learning the game.

Training horses at various levels of skill requires a rider to be sensitive to each horse’s abilities and also its readiness to take on new challenges. To be sure that all his mounts are fueled for their work, Davidson chooses feed products from Kentucky Equine Research, one of his sponsors. Feeds in the KER Sport Horse Nutrition line are formulated with multiple energy sources to provide the power and stamina needed for maximal performance.


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