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Davidson Comments on WEG Team SelectionBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 10, 2014

As one of four riders chosen to represent the United States at the World Equestrian Games (WEG) later this year, Buck Davidson knows what an honor the selection represents. Years of training and competition have helped Davidson achieve this spot on the team, but he also credited the horse he rides, the supporters who are behind him, and basic good fortune. “I’m just a very lucky person,” he said in an interview published on Eventing Nation.

Of Ballynoe Castle RM, his equine partner at WEG, Davidson said, “It’s not just his ability that makes him special so much as the everyday professional he is.” The 14-year-old gelding is owned by Carl and Cassie Segal.  

Quick to acknowledge all those who have helped him along the way, he also expressed his gratitude to coaches, staff, and other supporters. Davidson is sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research (KER) and counts on feeds designed by KER Sport Horse Nutrition to provide energy and condition to the horses he rides.

Re-Leve Sport, one of Davidson’s choices, is a completely fortified performance feed that contains balanced omega fat sources and fiber-based carbohydrates for optimal performance. This feed product provides calories that deliver manageable energy for optimal sport horse focus. Another favorite feed, Ovation, is a pelleted product designed for sport horses requiring balanced energy for maximum effort during competition as well as efficient muscle recovery afterwards.


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