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DuraPlex Brings Relief to Horse with Navicular DiseaseBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · January 25, 2016

Last year, Heather Smith visited the KER booth at Equine Affaire to request nutritional assistance for her horse Gulli, recently diagnosed with navicular disease.

“I acquired my Quarter Horse in November 2014 with front-end lameness issues that no previous owner had addressed,” she said. After consulting with a veterinarian and farrier, Gulli was diagnosed with navicular disease.Heather Smith with Gulli

“We began corrective shoeing in early spring of 2015,” Smith said. “Gulli improved and was well enough to be my teammate for para-reining season. But, even with the corrective shoeing, he was occasionally off, and I was looking for other options to improve his comfort level. I met with a KER nutrition advisor at Equine Affaire, and she recommended DuraPlex. What an improvement!”

DuraPlex® is a proprietary blend of specific proteins, minerals, and vitamins scientifically proven to increase bone mineral density and bone area in both performance and growing horses. In addition to supporting healthy bone metabolism, tissue, and structure, Duraplex helps prevent the natural demineralization that occurs when limited or no turnout is available due to injuries.

“Gulli is currently comfortable, almost always stands square, and is more confident under saddle,” Smith said. “I rarely see him limping or have to give him an anti-inflammatory. Out in the pasture, I see him playing with his friends and cantering around. DuraPlex and corrective shoeing have improved my horse’s quality of life. Gulli and I will rock para-reining classes for years to come!”

Smith continued, “As a vet tech, I am particular about what I provide for my animals. I love the pure, straightforward products that KER offers, which is the main reason I gave DuraPlex a try.”

Wondering if a KER product might be right for your horse? Nutrition advisors are available to help you. Feel confident about your horse’s diet by talking to a nutrition advisor. Get started.

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