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Earn KERx Credit Through Feed Referral ProgramBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · December 20, 2016

Clients and fans of top KER-sponsored equestrians can get credit toward their purchases on KER’s online store just by sharing their referral details.

Submit qualifying feed purchase receipts to accumulate Kentucky Equine Research Feed Rewards credit. For each qualifying bag of feed purchased as a result of a referral by a KER-affiliated influential equestrian, you’ll earn $0.50 of credit to use on complementary KERx Special Needs Nutrition supplements, KER ClockIt™ Sport accessories, or KER-branded gear for you and your horse.

In a post on his Facebook page, KER-sponsored eventer Buck Davidson notes, “Team BDJ horses are all fit and healthy thanks to KER. Take it from me, your horses will thrive on KER. I am happy to be part of this KER program that will enable you to get credit for every bag of feed you buy.”

To submit a qualifying feed purchase receipt, click here.

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