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Electrolytes Encourage Horses to Drink During WinterBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · December 12, 2017

Horse owners use Restore SR and Restore Paste to help horses replenish electrolytes lost from sweating in the heat of summer. Lori Johnson, however, uses the salty flavor of these products to encourage her horses to drink when wintertime temperatures fluctuate in South Carolina.

“I had tried the Restore Paste and was pleased with my horses’ response during a long trailer ride. The powder form, Restore SR, was equally good. The taste is definitely pleasant, because they have eagerly taken it with their feed,” explains Johnson. “I have used electrolyte products in the past that made the horses reluctant to eat or drink.”

After trying Restore products with her horses, Johnson says, “They have been drinking well and I have added an extra bucket of water in their stalls. I have been pleased with how they have responded this winter and will continue to use Restore in the hot summer months. I like the fact that Restore SR has a slow-release property that helps maximize the benefits it gives my horses.”

Restore SR features advanced technology that releases sodium gradually rather than all at once, allowing horses to absorb it slowly over a period of several hours.

Restore Paste is an easy-to-administer electrolyte supplement that includes a buffering agent designed to support gastrointestinal comfort in horses.

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