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Elliott Saddles Two Winners at LimerickBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 1, 2015

Thoroughbred trainer Gordon Elliott recently had two winners in one day at Limerick Racecourse in Patrickswell, Ireland. He saddled Ibsen for the novice hurdle race under jockey Jack Kennedy and also sent Shadow Catcher, ridden by Kevin Sexton, to a win in the beginners’ steeplechase. 

Unlike many tracks in the U.S. used for flat racing, racecourses laid out for hurdles and steeplechases are not always on level ground. Limerick is a good example, with a 20-meter (65-foot) rise over a three-furlong section on the back of the course. The terrain falls as horses near the end of the backstretch and then climbs again as they approach the finish. 

There are six obstacles on the hurdles course and seven on the steeplechase course. Steeplechase races include ditch jumps in addition to fences. Both courses are considered challenging, requiring horses to have stamina as well as speed. 

Horses in Gordon’s stable are nourished with grain products manufactured by Bluegrass Horse Feeds, a Team Member of Kentucky Equine Research.

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