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Event Trainer Karen O'Connor Is a Fan of KER's Bio-Bloom PSBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · January 8, 2015

Karen O’Connor praises Bio-Bloom PS, a hoof and coat conditioner available from Kentucky Equine Research, the company that sponsors her equine activities.

“Bio-Bloom is a fantastic general hoof and coat conditioner that we use for all the horses,” said O’Connor.

“Importation presents many changes for a horse. We have an older horse, a 13-year-old, that’s new to the country, and being in the U.S. is a big change for him. The water is different, the grain is different, the grass is different, everything is quite different. So I really rely on a product like Bio-Bloom to be able to improve skin, coat, and hooves so we get the optimum results in the shortest period of time,” she said.   

The changes in this particular horse have been nothing but positive. “I’m delighted with how he came through the winter and spring. His coat is just blooming, and he’s a happy horse,” commented O’Connor. “There are many, many reasons for that, but our foundation is our feeding and supplement program, and Kentucky Equine Research has been incredibly instrumental in formulating that foundation for all of our horses.”

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