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Four-in-Hand Driver Weber Believes in RestoreBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · April 10, 2014

Anyone who has won a national championship must be doing something right. For Chester Weber, who has won the title of national four-in-hand driving champion an unbelievable 11 times, a product designed and distributed by Kentucky Equine Research is part of the management package that propelled his horses to this record. Weber likes Restore SR, an electrolyte product with a proprietary slow-release mechanism that gradually introduces sodium into the gastrointestinal tract for sustained absorption. 

Read Weber’s comment about how Restore SR fits into his horses’ training and performance routine:

“The nutrition of horses involved in combined driving is key. The team has to work together, and you have to actually regulate each different horse so that you can try and find a way to get them to work together in the three different disciplines. The first day in dressage, they all have to be calm and attentive and responsive, and we use products from KER in order to do that, to get the four of them balanced to work together. Then on Saturday we use other products to make sure the entire group is working at its maximum during the grueling cross-country test, which is an hour and a half long and requires a lot. During the cross-country, we certainly use a product called Restore SR, which is a slow-release electrolyte product. We can’t stop during the cross-country to re-energize the horses, so it’s important that you have a slow-release electrolyte product. With Restore SR, you know from the absolute start of the A-phase to the end of the last obstacle that you achieve the maximum performance out of your horses.”


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