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Gentry Named to Australian Nations Cup TeamBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · March 9, 2015

Kim Gentry, a KER Champion who competes in dressage, has been named to the Australian Nations Cup team by Equestrian Australia. The Global Dressage Festival CDIO3* Nations Cup will be held in Wellington, Florida, March 24-28.

To keep her dressage horses in top condition as they train and perform, Gentry uses a number of products developed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER). These products include Preserve PS, Nano-E, and Restore SR.  

Preserve PS provides superior antioxidant protection with natural vitamin E, organic selenium, vitamin C, and magnesium. This product supports muscle recovery after work and assists in the prevention of tying-up and muscle soreness in performance horses.

Nano-E, a natural-source vitamin E product, helps horses stay healthy by keeping free radicals from forming and potentially weakening cells and tissues. In addition to its antioxidant responsibilities, vitamin E is vital to immune, cardiovascular, circulatory, neuromuscular, and reproductive functions.

Containing the latest technology in electrolyte therapy, Restore SR includes a proprietary slow-release mechanism that allows sodium to be released gradually into the gastrointestinal tract for sustained absorption. Restore SR helps horses retain electrolytes so they can replenish their reserves in the most optimal manner.


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