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Got Questions About Horse Care? KER Offers the AnswersBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · December 3, 2014

Is one of your children begging you to buy a horse, or do you already own a horse but have realized that you have questions about the best way to feed and take care of this large animal? If you are in either of these situations, Kentucky Equine Research (KER) has a resource that might be of interest.

Anyone who owns a horse, or is thinking of buying a horse, needs to know what’s involved in caring for and managing these fascinating creatures. Provided by KER as a free downloadable document, this five-page guide spells out the most basic things to consider in taking care of one or more horses: pasture, shelter, feed, water, vaccinations, grooming, and other health and management concerns.

Register to download the free guide to horse care and management here.

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