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Horse Owners Rely on EquiShure Hindgut BufferBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · November 28, 2017

Developed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER), EquiShure® is an innovative, time-released hindgut buffer designed to support hindgut health and combat acidosis, which is often due to high grain intakes, grazing lush pasture, and the stress of day-to-day training.

Research trials at KER suggest that EquiShure prevents the drastic drop in pH associated with high lactate production resulting from rapid starch and sugar fermentation after a large grain meal. Another study showed that EquiShure is also effective when given to horses that are denied access to pasture, such as those on stall rest.

Customers report substantial improvements in horses given EquiShure. Hannah Croteau from New Hampshire says the product has helped keep her horse in the show ring.

“I would like to thank KER for all of their beneficial research. My horse is prone to hindgut ulcers, and EquiShure has kept him happy and competing,” Hannah explains. “Thanks for giving me my horse back!”

Wondering if a KER supplement is right for your horse? Contact a KER nutrition advisor today.

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