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Intern Chooses a Favorite Research Horse: PiBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 10, 2015

Because of their daily interaction with the research herd, it is not unusual for interns at Kentucky Equine Research (KER) to have a favorite horse. Alayna Wagner, one of the yearlong residents, has a special fondness for Pi, a nine-year-old bay Thoroughbred.

“He is very laid-back in the barn and well behaved during research trials. He’s one of the smaller horses at KER, which is one thing I like about him,” said Alayna. The gelding’s smaller stature reminds her of her own Arabians.

Despite her preference for Pi, Alayna is not barn-blind. “One of Pi’s flaws is that he doesn’t make friends easily. King and Harry, two other research veterans, think he’s the scariest horse in the barn,” explained Alayna. Choosing a pasturemate for Pi can be challenging, though the chestnut Barossa seems to keep Pi content during turnout. “I guess he likes redheads!”

Idiosyncrasies aside, Pi earns his keep at KER by participating in research trials. He is amply rewarded for his efforts, according to Alayna. “I love spoiling Pi with scratches and pets,” she admitted.

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