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The Jockey Club Unveils Naming App and Enhances Identification AppBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 28, 2012

The Jockey Club has launched a new mobile application, The Jockey Club Naming App, and announced an update to The Jockey Club Identification App. Both apps are available free of charge in the iTunes store.

The Jockey Club Naming App enables Thoroughbred owners to submit, change, and reserve names from a mobile device. A name-generating feature will provide potential horse names from a database of hundreds of thousands of previously used but now likely available names. Owners can specify parameters such as “single word,” “starts with,” or “contains” as they search for names.

Upgrades to The Jockey Club Identification App will enable owners and breeders to use the camera within their iOS devices to take and submit identification photos for foal registration. Registry customers can now record and transmit markings descriptions for registration by entering text from their keypads or selecting from a list of commonly used phrases pertaining to markings.