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Kentucky Equine Research Partners with PROBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 16, 2015

The Professional Riders Organization is pleased to announce an official partnership with Kentucky Equine Research (KER), which will become the Official Equine Sport Nutrition Partner of PRO. KER will provide PRO professional members with its world-renowned nutrition consultation services as well as subscriptions to the newly developed exercise physiology KER ClockIt Sport app. The KER ClockIt Sport app was developed by Kentucky Equine Research to track and provide feedback on cardiovascular fitness programs for sport horses.

“This is such an exciting opportunity for the professional members of PRO to receive personalized equine nutrition consultation for their event horses,” said Allison Springer, president of PRO. “The KER ClockIt Sport app takes the service one step further in providing customized fitness guidance that will provide feedback on up to ten horses in each professional’s barn.”

Professional members of PRO will also receive a discount on Polar Equine Heart Rate Monitor equipment and KERx supplements purchased through the KER website.  Professional members will also be able to remotely access data from a student’s ride and make recommendations on their fitness training.

“The KER ClockIt Sport app and equine heart monitor have really reinvented the way I look at fitness,” said Caroline Martin NAJYRC Individual and Team Gold Medalist. “Being able to monitor my horses’ heart rate in day to day activities has given me a much better understanding of how much I am asking from my horses and how to build up their fitness level.”

The KER ClockIt Sport app will officially be launched April 20th in Lexington, KY where KER president and founder Dr. Joe Pagan will present data gained from early field-testing of the app comparing the training of sport horses and racehorses.

“When it comes to feeding high-performance horses, one of the challenges is understanding how hard the individual horse is really working,” Dr. Pagan explained. “KER has spent more than 25 years researching the relationship between the duration and intensity of exercise and the nutritional requirements of the horse. That’s easy for us to do on the treadmill, but we wanted to apply it to horses in the field. KER ClockIt Sport will enable us to gather real-time data on an individual horse’s workload, and use that information to make feeding recommendations, as well as being a valuable tool for trainers and riders to measure their horse’s fitness and compare it to others of a similar caliber.”

Buck Davidson, KER sponsored rider, is pleased with the new partnership. “KER really leads the way in nutrition and exercise research for horses. They are such a quality company in everything they do, and I think this new fitness app will revolutionize the way we monitor our horse’s fitness programs and treat them as the athletes they really are.”

Kentucky Equine Research is an international equine nutrition, exercise physiology research, consultation and product development company. KER has a rich tradition of providing consultation services to the greatest equine athletes in the world. Dr. Joe Pagan and his team formulate feeds and supplements specifically designed to meet the needs of high performance horses, and now KER will take their research and consultation one step further by tracking heart rates and lactate levels in event horses as they train for competition with the KER ClockIt app.

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