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Equinews: Kentucky Horse Council Offers Disaster Relief to Horse Owners
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Kentucky Horse Council Offers Disaster Relief to Horse Owners By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · March 15, 2012

Tornadoes struck ten states in early March, destroying homes, barns, and other structures and leaving people and animals temporarily without food or shelter. The Kentucky Horse Council (KHC) is providing coordination for the U.S. Equine Disaster Relief Fund to support horse owners affected by the severe weather. The KHC has also been in touch with the Indiana Horse Council to coordinate efforts in communities ravaged by the storms.

The U.S. Equine Disaster Relief Fund will help Kentucky horse owners with temporary feed and fencing as they work to recover from this disaster. Individuals wanting to donate money, feed, hay, or other relief materials can get information here.

To contact the Kentucky Horse Council, e-mail or call 859-367-0509.

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