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KER Eventers Compete at Rocking Horse IIBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 22, 2016

Several KER-sponsored eventers competed at Rocking Horse II in Altoona, Fla., which offered the first Advanced division of the season.

Buck Davidson had a successful weekend on many mounts, including a win with Ballynoecastle RM in Advanced Test B. Buck uses KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds to ensure optimal levels of performance from his horses. He chooses RE•LEVE Sport, a textured feed that contains balanced omega fatty acids and fiber-based carbohydrates, and Ovation, a pelleted feed that contains multiple sources of energy in a palatable formulation.

Lisa Barry also had a good run with F.I.S. Prince Charming. Lisa uses RiteTrac™ and KER-Flex® to keep her horses feeling and performing their best.

“My horse has had some problems with ulcers, and I’ve found that RiteTrac helps his whole digestive system,” explained Lisa.

Bruce Davidson Sr. also competed at the event. He depends on KER Sport Horse Nutrition feeds to ensure his horses are getting optimal nutrition to perform at their best.

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