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KER Feeds Provide Answers for Florida Horse TrainerBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · December 18, 2014

Tri-Color Stables in Ocala, Florida, is owned by professional horse trainer Angie Chovnick and her husband, Bruce. Angie has several horses of her own and also boards and trains horses for other owners. Like every stable manager, Angie had a challenge: choosing the best horse feed for the eight to ten horses in her care. Two of the horses, a 25-year-old retired performance stallion and a 12-year-old active show hunter, were of particular interest. Both horses were Oldenburgs, but their exercise schedules and nutritional requirements were a bit different.

“Our stallion, Graf Rossini S, is retired now, but we used him for breeding until last year,” she explained. “Before that, he was a top international jumper, competing in both Europe and the U.S., with earnings of well over six figures.” Angie was using a well-known feed product from a major company, but as he aged, Graf needed something different.

King and Country, an Oldenburg-Thoroughbred cross gelding in training at Angie’s barn, had a busy schedule of hunter competitions. With his demanding program of training and travel, “Prince” didn’t look as good as his owner wanted him to.

Angie began to research various horse feeds, looking for a product that would give these horses solid nutrition as well as gleaming coats, sound hooves, and optimal body condition. Talking with a neighboring horse owner, Angie heard about a sport-horse product line developed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER). She talked to Bob Wagner, a feed consultant for KER. “Bob suggested that I begin feeding Re-Leve Sport,” she said. This textured feed combines omega fat sources and fiber-based carbohydrates for optimal performance. Re-Leve Sport is formulated to provide calories that deliver manageable energy, allowing sport horses to remain focused on their work.

“Re-Leve Sport turned out to be just what these horses needed,” Angie said. On this feed, King and Country settled down and put on just enough weight to show off his spectacular good looks. Graf Rossini S is at a good weight also, and both horses sport shiny coats and healthy hooves.

“All the horses in my training stable are now on KER feeds,” Angie reported. “This includes hunter derby horses, off-the-track Thoroughbreds being retrained, and young hunters and jumpers as well as Prince and Graf. The KER feeds service a wide variety of horses in my program. I’m really, really happy with these feeds and the way the horses look and act.”   

Photo of Graf Rossini S provided by Angela Chovnick

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