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KER Intern Programs Offer a Taste of Research By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · March 4, 2014

To travel…to learn…to meet new people. Their motivations are as varied as their backgrounds, but all participants in the intern programs at Kentucky Equine Research (KER) seem to agree on at least one thing: along with hands-on research experience comes a fair amount of physical work involved in the job.

Each day, all the horses must be brought in, groomed, exercised, and fed; stalls must be cleaned; hay and shavings must be brought up from the storage barn. And that’s the easy part! Tasks like operating the high-speed equine treadmill, drawing blood for studies, and manually collecting manure samples are no less demanding, because all aspects of research must be done to exacting standards.

Internships at Kentucky Equine Research are open to university students or recent graduates who want to gain hands-on experience in equine nutritional research. Summer interns stay for three months; those with more time can spend 12 to 18 months at the research facility in central Kentucky.

Click here to find out more about the KER intern program.

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