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KER Intern Spotlight: Alexis LelloBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · August 22, 2017

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) welcomes Alexis Lello from Monee, Illinois, as a year-long intern.

Alexis attended the University of Illinois and earned a pre-veterinarian degree with a concentration in medical science. She worked at the university’s large animal clinic as an on-call surgical assistant and was on-call for foaling attendant.

A couple years ago, Alexis went to Costa Rica to work at a spay and neuter clinic for small animals. While she says she lost track of the exact number of animals she helped because there were countless, she says it was a valuable experience.

Through her internship at KER, Alexis hopes to gain more hands-on experience with horses and learn more about research design. At the moment, her favorite research horse is Malibu because they get along very well. Learn more about KER’s research horses here.

After her internship, Alexis hopes to pursue a master’s degree in equine science and nutrition.

Interested in being a KER intern? Click here for details.

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