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KER Intern Spotlight: Ali AndersonBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · September 19, 2017

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) welcomes Ali Anderson from Waterford, Virginia, to KER’s year-long internship program.

Ali moved to Virginia when she was five years old. She took horseback-riding lessons and immediately “caught the horse bug.” She participated in the show circuit during high school as well as in college through the the Intercollegiate Horse Shows Association. She still rides whenever she gets a chance.

Ali attended James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, where she studied human dietetics. She hopes that her internship with KER will help her learn more about research in the horse industry. She eventually wants to get a master’s degree or doctorate in equine nutrition and would like to fuse her human nutrition background with her passion for horses.

In her spare time, Ali enjoys photography. She once swam with sharks in Hawaii, in a cage, and also swam with manatees in Florida. She says the manatees were like big dogs and loved belly rubs. Her favorite research horse is King because they have already formed a strong bond.

Interested in being a KER intern? Click here for details.

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