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KER Intern Spotlight: Alyx SwanhallBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · September 6, 2016

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) welcomes Alyx Swanhall from Winter Garden, Florida, to KER’s year-long internship program.

Alyx has been involved with horses ever since she can remember, first competing in lead line when she was four years old. Her love for horses led her to the University of Florida, where she studied animal science and specialized in equine science. She also earned an Associate of Arts degree in agriculture from Santa Fe College.

Alyx worked at Disney’s Animal Kingdom as a nutrition assistant for four years and cared for a wide range of animals, including the endangered black rhinoceros. She hopes to learn more about equine nutrition through her internship at KER. In the future, she hopes to be involved with equine nutrition and ration evaluation at a feed company.

In college, Alyx learned Mandarin Chinese. She also wrote a book that was published when she was 16 years old titled “The Champion Inside,” which tells the story of how Alyx and her Thoroughbred gelding faced many challenges to compete and found that never giving up can reap the highest rewards.

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