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KER Intern Spotlight: Daniel SchmidtBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · August 29, 2017

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) welcomes Daniel Schmidt from Columbia, Illinois, to KER’s year-long internship program.

Seven years ago, Daniel volunteered at a church camp as a counselor. There, he rode a horse for the first time and developed a strong interest in horses. This prompted him to volunteer as a barn assistant the following seven years.

Daniel attended Southern Illinois University in Carbondale. He started with a fine arts degree, but realized he wanted to work with horses professionally. This led him to switch his major to animal science with a focus in animal production.

Prior to his internship at KER, Daniel worked in the breeding and foaling division at the Kentucky Equine Management Institute from January until June.

From his experience as an intern at KER, Daniel hopes to gain more insight into equine nutrition and the research that accompanies it. He also hopes to gain more experience and make more connections in the horse world. Eventually, he would like to pursue a master’s or doctorate in equine or animal nutrition.

Daniel is currently raising a one-year-old golden retriever-Siberian husky puppy and enjoys taking his dog to the park in his spare time.

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