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KER Nutrition Program Solves Muscle Problems for Upper-Level EventerBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · December 27, 2015

Jimmie Schramm's upper-level eventer, Bellamy, struggled with tying-up, a muscle disease that can have several root causes.

Classically, tying-up occurs after 15 to 30 minutes of exercise. Horses lose impulsion, develop a stiff, stilted gait, and may pause and stretch out as if to urinate or paw. If pushed to continue exercise, horses sweat excessively, develop a high respiratory rate, and eventually become unable to walk forward due to painful muscle contractures. In addition to clinical signs, horses that tie-up will have moderate to marked elevations in blood serum levels of muscle proteins and enzymes indicating muscle cell damage. Fortunately, dietary changes can help reduce or eliminate the issue in many horses.

Jimmie turned to Kentucky Equine Research (KER), the world leaders in equine nutrition, to help her sort out Bells' tying-up. On the advice of KER nutritionists, she utilizes KER Re-Leve Sport®, formulated in conjuction with leading equine muscle researcher Dr. Stephanie Valberg, and Nano-E®, a unique nanodispersed vitamin E.

Have a question about your horse's nutrition? KER nutrition advisors would be happy to help. Get started.

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