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KER Partner Fundraising for Client After Barn FireBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · January 18, 2016

Brooks Performance Horse Feeds, a KER manufacturing partner in Ontario, Canada, is fundraising for a client who lost everything in a barn fire. The fire at Classy Lane Training Centre claimed the lives of over 40 Standardbred racehorses.

In a statement released by Brooks Feed, President and General Manager Robert Van Camp said, “As members of the horse community all of us at Brooks Feeds are touched and inspired by the dedication of our customers to their animals. We understand the hard work, sweat, aches and pains that are endured every day by those who have chosen this life. So we know we can look into the heart of all those affected by the tragic fire at Classy Lane Stables and despite their own financial and personal losses their deepest regret is for the suffering of the animals they cared for.”

Van Camp added, “Many of the horses lost were our champions too. When they raced we cheered them on because they carried the banner of being a Brooks-fed horse. We feel the loss too.”

Brooks Performance Horse Feeds became a Kentucky Equine Research (KER) partner in 1993. Since then, Brooks has worked with KER to develop a range of feeds designed for horses at all stages or their lives, as well as specialty feeds to address specific nutritional challenges or performance goals.

Those interested in donating to this cause can do so through their GoFundMe page. The donations will be combined to help every horseperson involved in this tragedy. 

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