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KER Presents Research at Equine Science Society SymposiumBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · June 8, 2015

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) was well represented at the Equine Science Society (ESS) Symposium, held recently in Florida.

Joe Pagan, Ph.D., founder and president of KER, presented the results of a study titled “Effect of Nonstructural Carbohydrate Intake on Glycogen Repletion Following Intense Exercise,” and Catherine Whitehouse, M.S., presented “Evaluation of Apparent Total-Tract Digestibility and Glycemic Responses to Processed Corn in Non-Exercised Thoroughbred Horses.”

Jazmine Skinner, a recent yearlong intern at KER, earned third place in the Undergraduate Student Competition with a presentation of her work titled “Intestinal Absorption of Different Vitamin K  Compounds in the Horse.” Skinner had completed this work when she was an undergraduate in Australia.

Two other former KER interns presented research papers, both of which competed in the Production and Management Graduate Competition: Amanda Grev, “Yield, Forage Nutritive Value, and Preference of Annual Grasses Under Horse Grazing” and Devon Catalano, “Estimation of Actual and Ideal Bodyweight for Adult Draft and Warmblood Horse Breeds Using Morphometric Measurements.” Grev and Catalano are both students at the University of Minnesota under the guidance of Krishona Martinson, Ph.D.

The Equine Science Society promotes quality research on equine nutrition and physiology and strives to establish effective communication among researchers, teachers, extension,  and production personnel regarding equine nutrition and physiology. The society also conducts periodic symposia and cooperates with other organizations having similar or related interests.

Learn more about the KER internship program, which features summer and 12-month positions.

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