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KER President Named Graduate of Distinction By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · March 12, 2014

Kentucky Equine Research (KER) founder and president Joe Pagan, Ph.D., has been recognized as a Graduate of Distinction by the Department of Animal Science at the University of Arkansas. Pagan earned a bachelor’s degree from the university in 1979 before obtaining a master’s degree and doctorate at Cornell University.

The Graduate of Distinction award honors former students who have accomplished outstanding contributions and achievements in their chosen field. In 1988, Pagan founded KER and began to conduct research in equine nutrition and exercise physiology. The company, located near Lexington in central Kentucky, has contributed scores of research reports and professional papers to disseminate the results of its studies, many of which were incorporated into the current National Research Council publication Nutrient Requirements of Horses. Pagan has spoken at numerous equine seminars and symposiums and is the editor of the four-volume Advances in Equine Nutrition series.

Under Pagan’s leadership, KER has become a consultant to feed manufacturers on six continents and has played a key role in providing feeds and forages to horses participating in several Olympic Games and World Equestrian Games competitions. The company hosts frequent conferences where international experts share the latest findings on equine health, feeding, and exercise. As the official nutritionist of the United States Equestrian Federation and the Australian Equestrian Team, KER also provides feed management recommendations to some of the world’s top riders and drivers.

Pagan will be honored at an awards ceremony on April 16 in Fayetteville, Arkansas.


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