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KER Provides Nutrition Guidance for Veterinary and Farrier Hospital By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · April 17, 2014

Morgan Equine Veterinary & Farrier Hospital located in upstate New York trusts Kentucky Equine Research (KER) to be the source of equine nutrition education and support for its practice and clients. Much of the educational materials provided at the hospital’s recent "Critical Thinking Workshop for Equine Over-Achievers" were sourced from KER publications.

Staff members at Morgan Equine recommend the use of KERx Special Needs Nutrition products developed by KER when nutritional management is indicated for specific challenges faced by their clients' horses. This practice is quite a special one, featuring a synergistic approach by combining the expertise of Jessica Morgan, DVM, a specialist in equine locomotor pathology with that of Dallas Morgan, a certified journeyman farrier and diplomate of the WCF.

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