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KER-Sponsored Driver Coordinates Summer ScheduleBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · July 7, 2014

Shelly Temple, a champion pony driver, is also an active rider, coach, clinician, and judge. She travels extensively in these roles, returning to her South Carolina base of operations between her other commitments. She is sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research (KER).

Shelly recently judged the Skunk River HDT in Ames, Iowa. Serving as a clinician and president of the ground jury, she assisted the organizing committee and technical team when the training and intermediate level courses needed to be modified at the last minute due to severe weather and some flooding.

The rest of the summer will include teaching at a driving clinic for the Tejas Carriage Association in Texas in July, and judging at the Shady Oaks CDE in California and the Glen Willow CDE in Pennsylvania.

When she’s home, Shelly continues to work with Cooper, her former driving pony who is now her ridden dressage mount. “It has been an interesting process with Cooper’s transition from a driven to a ridden dressage pony,” she said. “He has added more muscle due to the different work demands, but Cooper maintains the same ‘go for it’ attitude.” Now schooling for Intermediate level skills, Shelly commented, “KER products and research-based articles from have been instrumental in supporting our continued development.”

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