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KER-Sponsored Reiner Appreciates the Support of Equine Nutritionists and ScientistsBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · May 27, 2014

Lisa Coulter, champion reining competitor and coach of paralympic reining riders, likes the support she gets from Kentucky Equine Research (KER). As a KER-sponsored rider, Coulter knows that she can call an equine nutritionist at any time to get answers related to feeds or feeding management. Because so many equine behaviors and performance issues are linked to what the horse eats, it’s helpful to have this immediate feedback from an industry professional. 

Commenting on the help she’s received from KER, Coulter said, “The best thing with KER is that I have somebody on-hand to work with so if I need any changes, I have somebody right there that can talk to me about my horses. And my horses are different, so everybody’s specific, each horse is specific and they need different things, and I love that the KER team will work with me and that they’ll have me try different products. Overall, my horses thrive on their products, but I love the fact that KER will go the extra mile and they’ll make sure the horses get exactly what they need. I trust KER because they’re always there for me.”

To see and hear Coulter’s comments on KER, click here.

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