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KERx Helps Recovering Event Horse Return to WorkBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · May 9, 2016

Successfully returning to work and competition after time off is a challenge for many horses. Two KER-sponsored riders, Dom and Jimmie Schramm, provided an update on Bolytair B, a horse that was out of work for two months following colic surgery.

After just weeks back in his training program, Bolytair B looks and feels great, and he returned to competition with a win at Preliminary. The Schramms rely on Synovate HA®, Bio•Bloom™ PS, and Restore® SR to support the health and performance of horses in their stable.

“Our event horses work hard. From fitness work to summer competitions, it’s our job to help them replenish the minerals they lose in sweat,” explained Dom. “Restore SR is scientifically formulated based on the composition of sweat, without any extra sugar. It’s a must-have for any barn that prides itself on sweaty saddle cloths.”

Wondering which supplement is right for your horse? Simply share a few details and a KER nutrition advisor will be in touch.

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