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KERx Sponsors Taylor Gumz in Quest to Become Congress QueenBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · October 6, 2016

KERx Special Needs Nutrition, a division of Kentucky Equine Research (KER), is sponsoring Taylor Gumz in her quest to become the All American Quarter Horse Congress Queen. The Congress takes place during the month of October.

Taylor is currently the Mid-East Kentucky Quarter Horse Association Queen, and will be representing this association at the Congress Queen contest. The contest is composed of an oral interview, a written test, and overall horsemanship. Additional awards for Miss Congeniality and Miss Photogenic will also be presented.

“My horse is thin-skinned and has had problems with hoof sensitivity. To support her overall health, I turned to EO•3 from Kentucky Equine Research. Omega-3s have numerous benefits for horses,” Taylor explained. “EO•3 helps my mare shine!”

EO•3™ is a potent marine-derived oil that is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids. It is a palatable liquid supplement that helps mediate everyday inflammatory responses, improves glucose tolerance, strengthens immunity, and enhances bone metabolism and development.

KER wishes Taylor the best of luck!

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