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KERx Supplements Power Barrel Racer to VictoryBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · June 26, 2017

Barrel racer Mikayla Conklin competed with three horses at the Buckeye Summer Jam hosted by the Ohio National Barrel Horse Association.

Flipper Ta Fame ran fourth in the first round of 1D, claiming victory in the finals by two-tenths of a second.

Bloodymaryinatincan ran second in the first round of 2D, placing ninth in the finals.

Fire Chasin Fame, a horse that is just beginning her career, ran eighth in the first round of 2D while remaining competitive in the finals.

Mikayla relies on KERx products Race Recovery™, EO•3™, RiteTrac™, and Synovate® HA to give her horses the support they need to perform their best.

“Synovate HA provides my horses with proper joint lubrication to protect them from the wear and tear of training and competition,” Mikayla explained. “When a tenth of a second matters, Synovate is my go-to joint supplement.”

She added, “My horses love KER products and are feeling at their best right now. Thank you so much!”

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