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Lisa Coulter's Horses Shine with EO-3By Kentucky Equine Research Staff · March 20, 2015

Lisa Coulter, a top-ranked reining competitor sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research (KER), loves the way her performance horses look when their diets are supplemented with EO-3, a potent source of omega-3 fatty acids.

“EO·3 is hands-down the best product I have ever used to keep my horses looking as healthy as they can possibly look. I love a long, beautiful mane and tail, and the ingredients in EO·3 assist in not only keeping manes and tails in pristine condition, but the omega oils keep my horses’ coats glistening and in top shape,” said Lisa. “I am asked constantly how I keep my horses looking so shiny and healthy, and the answer is simply EO·3.”

Besides making horses gleam on the outside, EO-3 has just as many benefits for inside the horse. By supplementing with EO-3, horse owners achieve the proper dietary ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids. Both types of fat are necessary, but diets high in grain tend to be skewed toward omega-6 fatty acids.

Increasing omega-3 fatty acids is thought to reduce signs of exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage, pulmonary inflammation, and joint irritation. Supplemented horses are less likely to develop gastric ulcers, as omega-3 supplementation has helped alleviate ulcers in other species. Supplemental omega-3 fatty acids may help with numerous inflammatory conditions specific to horses including allergic reactivity, laminitis, and skin conditions.


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