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Meet the KER Research Horses: HarryBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · December 5, 2017

If ever there was an award for employee of the year among the horses in the Kentucky Equine Research (KER) herd, Harry would win hands-down.

Harry, a Thoroughbred gelding of unspectacular breeding, joined the KER team in 2009, first as a racehorse. Following his stint on the track, he segued to the sport-horse program, where he was trained in the fundamentals of dressage and jumping. From there, he moved to the research herd, where he’s been a fixture since 2013. Since his arrival to the research barn, he's proven to be a class-A employee.

According to Alana Mann, the research barn manager, Harry is eager to work, whatever the day holds. “He especially loves to get on the treadmill, and he immediately gets down to business.” Harry has been involved in a host of studies, including fish oil bioavailability, fiber digestibility, and glycemic response to different sport-horse feeds.

KER maintains its herd of research horses on a 150-acre farm outside of Lexington and welcomes visitors. Make an appointment to stop by for a visit.

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