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Meet the Research Horses at KERBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · October 2, 2014

At Kentucky Equine Research (KER), virtually every study involves hands-on protocols and data collection using a group of horses. Research interns handle the horses, keeping them fed, groomed, and led in and out from stalls to pastures. Though many of the horses look similar at first glance, the interns quickly come to know the individual personalities of the equines among whom they spend their days.

Alayna Wagner, one of the research interns at KER, says, “My favorite research horse is Pi, a nine-year-old bay Thoroughbred gelding with two socks and a large snip on his nose. He is very laid-back in the barn and well behaved during research trials. He’s one of the smaller horses at KER, which is one thing I like about him, as I am used to my smaller Arabians at home.

“One of Pi’s flaws is that he doesn’t really do a good job at making friends; King and Harry think he’s the scariest horse in the barn! He can only be turned out with Barossa (guess he likes red-heads!) because he chases the rest of the horses. Pi has been earning his keep by participating in research trials that take place in the main barn. I love spoiling him with scratches and pets when I’m in his stall for urine and fecal collections.”


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