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New KER Intern Group Includes BrazilianBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · August 27, 2015

New Kentucky Equine Research (KER) yearlong intern, Graziani Correa, comes to the program from the state of Minas Gerais in western Brazil.

Graziani spent her youth trail riding around the beautiful mountain region where she grew up and then concentrated on equitation during her years at the University of San Paulo. She will graduate in December with a degree in animal science.

As part of her graduation requirements, Graziani needs to complete an internship to gain practical experience in equine nutrition. She is excited to learn everything KER has to offer in the coming year.  She plans to continue her education in equine nutrition once the internship is completed in July 2016.

Graziani’s other passion, aside from horses, is dog training. Her favorite dogs are border collies, as they are intelligent animals and easily trained.

University students or graduates may apply for three-month or twelve-month internships at KER, where they assist in carrying out research protocols to study equine nutrition and exercise physiology.

Learn more about KER’s internship programs here.

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