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RE•LEVE Brings Barrel Racer Back Into the ArenaBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · January 9, 2017

Lacey Ritter, a barrel racer from Oklahoma, needed a feeding program for her horse Dollar, who suffered from multiple tying-up episodes associated with polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM), a muscle disorder that may sideline performance goals. Careful management of PSSM through diet and exercise can often provide relief and allow an affected horse to train and perform at a productive level. Lacey’s online search led her to RE•LEVE®, developed by Kentucky Equine Research (KER).

Dollar’s episodes were so severe Lacey had to stop competing with him. She started him on RE•LEVE a little less than a year ago, and he has been doing much better since then. “I greatly appreciate KER and the changes that came after changing my horse’s feed,” she explained. “I was scared I was going to lose thousands of dollars because he was not going to be useful in the arena. He is now comfortable enough to compete and has been performing wonderfully!”

RE•LEVE is the original high-calorie feed specifically designed for horses requiring low-starch diets. Fully fortified, RE•LEVE provides the appropriate levels of the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal performance. Read the research.

Interested in RE•LEVE? Consult with a KER nutrition advisor or find a dealer near you.

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