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RE•LEVE Now Available in TexasBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · April 18, 2016

RE•LEVE®, a veterinarian-recommended and preferred energy source for horses with tying-up syndrome and metabolic disorders, is now available in Texas.

RE•LEVE is formulated for horses requiring a low-starch diet. It is appropriate for any health condition in which a low-starch diet is recommended. Specifically, a low-starch diet may be beneficial for horses prone to certain muscular disorders and metabolic syndromes such as polysaccharide storage myopathy (PSSM or EPSM) or recurrent exertional rhabdomyolysis (RER). Studies have shown that replacing traditional grain-based diets with RE•LEVE resulted in significant improvement in horses with RER, PSSM, and EPSM.

Because horses with these conditions are likely to have a wide range of digestible energy needs, RE•LEVE is offered in two different formulas, original and concentrate, to ensure that appropriate amounts of vital nutrients are provided. RE•LEVE Concentrate is designed with greater nutrient density to ensure horses with low to moderate energy needs receive proper nutrients. Most horses do well on 3-9 lb (1.5-4 kg) of RE•LEVE Concentrate daily. If more than this is needed to maintain weight, choose RE•LEVE Original. It contains the same low-starch ingredients but allows more to be fed daily (6-20 lb; 2.5-9 kg) in order to boost calorie intake.

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