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Rite-Trac Has Made a Big Difference for Sensitive Jumper MareBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · February 18, 2015

Mary O’Connor, a sport horse breeder sponsored by Kentucky Equine Research (KER), has used nutritional supplements designed by KER for several years. She reports that her horses continue to thrive, whether they are training and performing, used in a breeding program, or enjoying a well-earned retirement.

“Equine health can be compromised by nutritional imbalances,” said O’Connor. "Optimizing nutritional intake is not only important for the overall health and well-being of every type of horse, it's also the most economical and cost-effective way to properly feed your horse.”

In particular, Rite-Trac, a gastrointestinal supplement formulated by KER, has supported the health and well-being of Camille, a mare that is now used for breeding after retiring from a successful career as a show jumper.  

“Camille is a registered Thoroughbred that is intelligent, careful, and an extreme introvert, prone to worry. This particularly affects her appetite, especially during periods of transition when she tends to show mild colic symptoms after eating or stops eating altogether,” described O’Connor.

“Rite-Trac has been a constant in Camille's diet, and has made an extraordinary difference, with marked improvement in her comfort level and appetite, even when she ships away from home.”  

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