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Shelly Temple Trusts KER Research, Products, and Advice from NutritionistsBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · April 21, 2015

Shelly Temple has claimed more than one national championship in her favorite sport, combined driving. Based in Windsor, South Carolina, she has been driving ponies for almost 20 years, and for much of that time she has used products from her sponsor, Kentucky Equine Research (KER), to keep her older ponies in good condition.

Shelly says, “I had several other horses that I competed with, but because I got them when they were older, they had some problems. I wanted to start one myself. Cooper is a Morgan gelding that I’ve had since he was four, and I trained him myself. I’m not saying he’s perfect, but he’s been a great trouper. He’s been a national champion three times, reserve two or three times, and been to two world championships. We’ve won medals in dressage at the world championships and he’s placed near the top, and our team also won bronze medals each time I went.”

Cooper has worked hard, and Shelly has backed off on his competitions. “I just love him to death, he’s a great pony, but he’s getting older now and it’s very important for me to keep him healthy and happy and interested. He doesn’t need to show all the time. We save him for the big events now, but it’s important to me that we have a lot of fun together, too.”

To give Cooper the best chance of staying healthy, Shelly wanted to be sure she was using the best supplements to support his well-being. She explained, “I really want to use products that are based on science and research. That’s why I feel very comfortable with Kentucky Equine Research, because there’s sound research behind all of the products. The company has many supplements, so for particular horses that have specific issues I can pick and choose what works best for them.”

“I trust the experts at KER,” Shelly said. “They have all kinds of resources available to help with your horse’s nutrition. They can tailor a diet exactly to his needs, and the research available on the website is fantastic. I send all my students there to learn more about nutrition, and it’s a great resource for the entire horse community.”

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