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Show-Jumper Credits KER Partner Feeds for Happy, Fresh HorsesBy Kentucky Equine Research Staff · March 11, 2015

Philip Spivey, a Grand Prix show-jumper, is sponsored by Saracen Horse Feeds, a Team Member of Kentucky Equine Research. Philip reported on the excellent performances of his horses—some very green and others more experienced—at the 2015 Atlantic Tour in Vilamoura, Portugal.

Commenting on the first week of competition held in late February, he said, “All the horses felt happy and fresh, which is a big credit to Saracen Horse Feed and everyone concerned with getting them here safely after three days of hard traveling.”

His younger competition mounts for this event included five-year-old Mika, six-year-old Monsoon Monday, and seven-year-old Darya-I-Nur. Horses with more experience at the higher levels included Don Camillo S, Smirnov, and Caravaggio, who won his first international prize money at this competition.

Philip, who is based in the U.K., also uses RiteTrac, a product developed by Kentucky Equine Research to support total digestive tract health. Targeted at both the foregut and hindgut of the horse, RiteTrac neutralizes excessive gastric acid, protecting the stomach lining and restoring the normal gastric environment. The product also acts in the cecum and colon to minimize the effects of subclinical hindgut acidosis.

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